Which national star player’s jerseys on Amazon are the best sellers?

At Amazon America, the most popular is the Mexican national team’s jersey. Followed by Argentina, followed by Germany, Brazil, and finally Portugal. The star players of Neymar in Brazil, Lionel Messi in Argentina and Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal have all driven the sales of their national team jerseys. The top five national team jerseys have the largest share of sales, while the jerseys of countries such as Colombia, Spain, Croatia and Iceland have only briefly appeared on the hot list.

2018 World Cup “Battle”: Which national star players in Amazon are the best selling jerseys?

Ten days before the opening of the World Cup, the sales of cheap jerseys were still very bleak. However, the World Cup jersey can be said to have suddenly become popular “overnight”. This phenomenon is also reflected in the above chart. Each point in the figure represents the national team’s jersey. The higher the position of the dot in the chart, the higher the The more popular the jersey is. Before the start of the World Cup, all kinds of sporting goods and team around the Amazon were very popular.

In the United States, the team with the most fans is the Mexican national team. On June 17th at Amazon America, the number of American fans in the Mexican national team exploded, as Mexico participated in the first game of the World Cup this year and won Germany. The Mexican player “Little Pea” Fernandez’s jersey is one of the best-selling jerseys on Amazon’s US stand.

2018 World Cup “Battle”: Which national star players in Amazon are the best selling jerseys?

Looking at the above chart, you can feel the popularity of the Mexican team. In the entire World Cup season, the current Mexican national team’s jersey has always occupied the top of the Amazon US station hot list.

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