2018-2019 season new jersey: no C Ronaldo

On May 29th, Real Madrid Real Madrid announced the new jerseys of the 2018-2019 season on the official website. From the posters given by the official website, Benzema, Marcelo and Navas became the protagonists of the posters. C Ronaldo did not appear in the poster.

Not only that, in Real Madrid’s official store, Real Madrid’s photos of every player wearing a new jersey this season are exposed, but there is no C Ronaldo, all this makes fans think.

Although C Ronaldo hinted that he would not leave the team during the championship, but in many media and fans, there is indeed a problem between Ronaldo and Real Madrid. The departure may be not small, and it is predicted that Ronaldo’s next stop will be Manchester United or Paris. .

What worries the fans seems to be happening: the way Real Madrid’s official website and the official store announced the new season’s battleship discount soccer jerseys also seems to indicate that Ronaldo has the possibility to leave the team.

However, there is no C Ronaldo in the team map released by Real Madrid’s official store, which is really embarrassing. Cristiano Ronaldo used to wear black clothes with Alonso, Pepe and other team players to shoot the Champions League jersey poster. Last season, Cristiano Ronaldo also appeared in the C position of the discount soccer jerseys poster.
Ronaldo, the number one player in Real Madrid, did not appear on the poster. Real Madrid has just announced the new season’s jersey, but it is somewhat surprising that in the Real Madrid team wearing a new season jersey shooting fixed makeup, their head card Ronaldo did not appear.

At the beginning of the season, the Spanish Super Cup, C Ronaldo was sent off for five games and was suspended for five games. At that time, Ronaldo’s sister revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo had indeed thought about leaving the team. The latest Real Madrid’s new season, the two most likely players to leave the team Benzema and Bell are among them, but Ronaldo’s photo position was replaced by his jersey.

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